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What I love about this forum

Anything goes. Just please do be mindful we can disagree without bashing in each other's heads......and no flaming!

What I love about this forum

Postby Nico » Sun Apr 09, 2017 5:24 am

This is post is in the off topic but it directly relates to slingshot world as it is known all over the internet.

Sure many characters have come and gone from this forum and some were true @ssholes others were quality people and honest I don't know why this forum went so dead as I have communicated with many past regulars and all I have read is that somehow they could not get back on here or had internet issues logging in to this forum?

But for those Lurkers who can log in and choose to not interact? Shame on you.

What this forum has been for me and others:

Nico's Analogy on the Rebel Slingshot Forum.

I grew up in a poor Barrio that had its small Boxing Gym well these types of Boxing Gyms were all over the Greater Los Angeles Area and these poor gyms have produced some of the greatest Boxers in the sport.

I liken the Rebel Slingshot Forum to being like that poor gym full of hungry fighters who did the best they could with what they have.

So too has this forum had its share of slingshot men Resortera men who just use what they have and get down to the business of the weapon.

Like it as not this forum has been a stepping stone for many a would be "internet guru" and there are many who have sponged the wealth of information generated from many experienced folks of past membership and there have been many. A lot of those so called gurus some now vendors even stoop to the low level of never admitting to or accrediting their knowledge to a poor gym like this one.

Well I tip my hat in tribute to giants of the past membership to this place, so many contributed some were terribly disrespected and I give lament for you where in that group.

As to those phony gurus? You can only buck the odds for so long before the truth comes out and you are seen for the poser you really are. ;)

God bless the Rebel Slingshot Forum and its past contributors FrogMan, and others like my mate Tyke (no longer online) and a few others like Harp who single handedly revived the interest in bean shooters, yes we should recognize the inspired revivals in slingshot traditions because they count more than the posers who use this knowledge to promote their Kickapoo juice we see today.

I wont pat myself on the back and include myself because I simply feel like a liaison to the living old traditions of the slingshot which are very much alive and active in the real world today.

The internet is by far not the whole of the slingshot world and is in fact dwarfed by the totality of the poor countries and even counties in USA that still use the humble weapon to feed themselves with and their family.

Always remember this in your forays to slingshot information on the so called web: The world is far larger than the internet and what you read here or else where is just a tip of the iceberg.

Do yourselves a favor and get into the real world and learn from the old timers and others about this humble weapon before running to some internet vendor/guru to give you his third party info.

If you have hands you can build this humble weapon and make it work for yourself without the overload of info on the web.

Heck my brother in the past killed sparrows with a resortera he made with Bra straps for his elastic ( beat that one).

Good will to all true slingers..

El Diablo sabe mas por viejo que por Diablo Mexican Proverbs

The true reward of the hunt with a slingshot, is the fine meal prepared from it's harvest... Nov 2012
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